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Insight of the Day: Travel soars even as ‘leisure for longer’ gets popular : Mastercard “Travel Trends 2024” Report

Key Points:

  • Travel Sector Booming: The travel sector is thriving in 2024, with record spending and passenger traffic.

  • Leisure for Longer: Travelers are extending their trips, particularly in affordable destinations with warmer climates.

  • Experience Economy: Consumers are prioritizing spending on experiences over goods, even while traveling.

  • Cruise Resurgence: Cruises are experiencing a strong comeback, with passenger transactions surpassing pre-pandemic levels.

  • Trending Destinations: Japan is the top global destination in the past year, while Munich is trending for summer 2024. Albania is gaining popularity as a budget-friendly alternative to Italy and Croatia.


The "Travel Trends 2024" report by the Mastercard Economics Institute reveals a robust travel sector in 2024. Despite economic fluctuations, travel demand remains strong, with record spending and passenger traffic. Travelers are extending their stays, favoring destinations with warmer climates and budget-friendly options. The report also highlights the growing preference for spending on experiences over goods, even during travels. Additionally, cruises are experiencing a significant resurgence, and trending destinations like Japan and Munich are attracting tourists. Albania is emerging as a popular choice for travelers seeking European experiences at a lower cost. Overall, the travel sector is demonstrating resilience and adaptability, fueled by persistent consumer demand and a desire for meaningful experiences.

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