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Insight of the Day: TV vs. Gaming: How Many Hours Teens Spend at Their Screens

YPulse's survey on teen media consumption reveals that:

Gaming Dominates Screen Time:

  • Teens now spend more time gaming on computers, consoles, or mobile devices than watching TV shows and movies.

  • They consider video games more entertaining than TV and movies.

  • 91% of teens play video/mobile games weekly or more often.

TV and Entertainment:

  • 76% of teens often multitask while watching TV, indicating divided attention.

  • 48% are more likely to watch a movie/TV show if it's based on a video game, highlighting the potential for cross-media engagement.

  • The success of adaptations like "Five Nights at Freddy's," "The Last of Us," and "Fallout" illustrates the appeal of gaming-inspired entertainment.

  • Brands like Netflix and HBO have tapped into this trend by creating games based on popular shows.


The gaming industry is now a major competitor for teens' screen time, surpassing TV in terms of hours spent. However, there's still a strong connection between gaming and entertainment, with teens drawn to adaptations and brands using gamification to attract gamers. This highlights the importance for media companies to understand and leverage the intersection of gaming and entertainment to effectively engage with young audiences.

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