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Insight of the Day: What Are Major Trends in Luxury Travel?

Increased Interest Among Younger Travelers: There’s been an influx of younger travelers in the luxury segment due to increased wealth among these demographics.

Emphasis on Time and Wellness: Luxury travel is evolving to focus more on how travelers choose to spend their time, with a significant emphasis on family and wellness.

Group Travel and Exclusive Experiences: Group travel bookings, particularly for small groups on private yachts, are predicted to be popular. Moreover, there’s a growing trend towards exclusive, passion-centered experiences.

Exploration of Less-Known Locations: Luxury travelers are showing interest in visiting largely unexplored locations, with tour operator Black Tomato noting increased interest in lesser-known areas in Peru.

Remote Destinations and Digital Nomadism: There’s a substantial interest in digital nomadism and demand for remote destinations.

Increased Spending: Luxury travel planners are seeing an uptick in bookings, with more than half of Virtuoso’s network of luxury travel advisers estimating their clients will spend more on trips this year.

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