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Insight of the Day: What are the new and unexplored categories in beauty?

Beyond the mainstream, a spectrum of specialized niches is flourishing in the beauty industry. These unexplored categories are built on new needs and communities, addressing areas that were previously uncomfortable to discuss. Here are some exciting new areas of focus for industry innovation:

  1. Taboo Beauty: Brands are exploring topics that were once considered taboo, such as intimate feminine care or other sensitive issues.

  2. ‘Ugly’ Beauty: A departure from conventional beauty standards, this category celebrates uniqueness and imperfections.

  3. Menopause Beauty: Brands are creating products specifically tailored to address menopausal skin concerns.

  4. Men’s Makeup: The rise of makeup products designed for men reflects changing attitudes toward gender norms.

  5. Kids’ Cosmetics: Brands are developing safe and age-appropriate cosmetics for children.

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