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Insight of the Day: What Beauty Products Are Gen Z Buying?

Gen Z's Beauty Shopping Habits:

  • Prioritize Spending: Gen Z prioritizes beauty alongside apparel, willing to invest in quality products and sustainable brands.

  • Research Before Buying: They research products before purchasing, focusing on ingredients and formulations.

  • Embrace Genderless Products: Gen Z is open to genderless beauty products and doesn't conform to traditional beauty standards.

  • Varied Spending: Monthly beauty spending ranges from nothing to over a thousand dollars, depending on individual needs and splurges.

  • Diverse Preferences: Beauty preferences are diverse, from bold makeup looks to minimal routines, emphasizing individual expression and confidence.

  • Skincare Focus: Skincare is a major focus, with routines ranging from simple to complex, emphasizing hydration, skin barrier health, and targeted treatments.

  • Makeup Trends: Clean girl makeup, island girl makeup, and Igari-style makeup are popular among Gen Z.

  • Fragrance Choices: Preferences vary from clean and fresh scents to woody and earthy notes or gourmand fragrances.

  • Beauty Hacks: Gen Z utilizes beauty hacks like multi-purpose brow pencils, daily sunscreen, peach fuzz removal, gua sha, cleansing oil for clogged pores, and heated eyelash curlers.

  • Investment in Treatments: Gen Z is willing to invest in expensive treatments like lasers and IPL for skin improvement.

  • Brand Preferences: Popular brands include Nars, Fenty Beauty, Gucci Beauty, Kiehl's, Le Labo, Aesop, Dermalogica, Hada Labo, Krave Beauty, Dr. Jart+, Skin1004, and more.

  • Online and Offline Shopping: Gen Z shops for beauty products both online and in physical stores.

Overall, Gen Z's approach to beauty is characterized by individuality, self-expression, and a focus on healthy skin. They are willing to invest in quality products and treatments while also embracing affordable options and experimenting with different styles.

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