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Insight of the Day: When Are Customers Dropping Off Without Completing Online Orders?

To increase the conversion rate of online orders at a convenience store, the store can take several actions based on the insights gathered from analyzing customer behavior during the online ordering process. Here are some strategies that can help improve the conversion rate:

1. Improve Mobile Experience: Ensure that the mobile ordering experience is user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices. A poor mobile ordering experience can turn away potential customers.

2. Menu Engineering: Analyze and optimize the menu to promote more profitable items. This can involve highlighting popular or high-margin items to encourage sales.

3. Recommendation Engine: Implement a recommendation engine based on past ordering behavior to suggest additional items to customers, encouraging larger orders.

4. Guest Sentiment Analysis: Collect feedback through surveys to gain insights into customer preferences and issues at the store level. Use this information to address any concerns and improve the overall ordering experience.

5. Loyalty Programs: Integrate a loyalty program into the online ordering platform to increase customer retention and incentivize repeat business. Research shows that loyalty programs can boost order frequency by 18-30%.

6. Multilingual Ordering: Consider offering multilingual ordering capabilities to appeal to a broader audience and cater to customers from diverse backgrounds.

7. Integrated Marketing: Combine marketing efforts with online ordering promotions to drive more online orders. Utilize in-store, email, direct mail, social media, and online advertising to promote special offers for online ordering.

8. Data Collection: Collect customer data through online orders to better understand customer preferences and behavior. Use this data to personalize promotions and offers for increased engagement.

By implementing these strategies and continually analyzing customer behavior and feedback, convenience stores can optimize their online ordering process and increase the conversion rate of online orders.

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