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Insight of the Day: Why beauty brands need to bet big on the Olympics

Findings and Key Takeaway: Beauty brands are targeting the 2024 Paris Olympics to reach new audiences, leverage athlete influencers, and drive product innovation.

Trend and Consumer Motivation: With millions of spectators and billions of viewers, the Olympics offers an unparalleled platform for visibility and engagement. Consumers are motivated by the novelty and exclusivity of Olympic-themed beauty products and collaborations.

Target Demographic: The campaign targets a global audience, with a focus on young, beauty-conscious consumers who follow sports and influencers.

Conclusions and Implications: Brands like Sephora, K18, Glossier, and Aesop plan to leverage the Olympics for advertising, pop-ups, and athlete partnerships. This strategic engagement aims to boost brand recognition and sales.

Implications for Brands: Aligning with the Olympics allows beauty brands to reach a vast audience, enhance brand prestige, and drive sales through exclusive offerings and strategic marketing.

Implications for Society: This trend highlights the increasing intersection of beauty and sports, reflecting a broader cultural embrace of diverse forms of self-expression and lifestyle integration.


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