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Insight of the Day: ‘Why People Have Coca Cola For Breakfast, And What Alt Dairy Can Learn’

Why People Have Coca Cola For Breakfast, And What Alt Dairy Can Learn

In the realm of food, emotions play a significant role. People form deep attachments to what they eat, and these emotional connections can influence their choices. As plant-based companies navigate the market, they should consider this aspect.

Eric Mirbach, a content and brand specialist, emphasizes the importance of understanding these emotional stakes. If we aim for lasting, sustainable change, we must recognize the impact of emotions on consumer behavior.

Now, let's delve into the curious case of Coca Cola for breakfast. While it might seem odd to many, in the southern United States, it's not uncommon. Generations have grown up with this tradition—mothers serving their kids Coke in the morning, and now those kids continue the practice with their own children.

But here's where it gets interesting: When the new version of Coke was introduced, there was resistance. Why? Because people had an emotional attachment to the original drink—the one they knew and loved. It wasn't just about taste; it touched on feelings of safety, nostalgia, and motherly love.

Imagine the marketing equivalent of telling someone, "Your mother did it wrong." That's what Coke faced when they tweaked their recipe. Change is hard, especially when it challenges deeply ingrained beliefs.

Now, let's draw parallels with the alt dairy and alt protein industries. These sectors encounter similar challenges. Founders, marketers, and creatives must find a way to champion change while respecting consumers' beliefs and emotions. Serving someone a vegan meal can feel like saying, "Your upbringing wasn't quite right."

Two takeaways emerge:

1. Know your customers intimately: Understand their emotional connections.

2. Make change attractive: Navigate the delicate balance between innovation and tradition.

So, as we sip our morning beverages—whether it's Coke, almond milk, or oat milk—let's remember that emotions shape our choices more than we realize.

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