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Insight of the Day: YouGov Study Finds 52% Of Australians Are Uncomfortable With Brands Using AI Generated Ambassadors

YouGov Study: Consumer Sentiment on AI in Advertising


  • Global Discomfort with AI Ambassadors: Globally, consumers are least comfortable with AI creating virtual ambassadors (34% comfortable) and editing product images (39% comfortable).

  • Australian Discomfort: In Australia, 53% are uncomfortable with AI-generated ambassadors and 52% with AI-edited product images. However, discomfort is lower for AI-generated product images (49%), copywriting (45%), and ad placement (42%).

  • Demand for Transparency: Among those comfortable with AI in advertising, 76% of Australians want brands to disclose AI-generated ambassadors, with similar percentages for other uses.

Key Takeaway:

While AI is increasingly used in advertising, there's significant consumer discomfort, especially regarding virtual ambassadors. Brands must be transparent about AI usage to maintain consumer trust.


The trend reflects a growing awareness of AI's potential in advertising but also a wariness of its ethical implications, particularly around authenticity and transparency.


  • Consumers are selective in their acceptance of AI in advertising, favoring functional uses over creative ones.

  • Transparency is crucial for brands using AI in advertising, as consumers overwhelmingly want to be informed.

Implications for Brands:

  • Transparency: Brands should clearly disclose AI usage, especially for virtual ambassadors or image manipulation.

  • Focus on Functional Uses: Prioritize AI for tasks like ad placement where consumer comfort is higher.

  • Balance Creativity and Authenticity: When using AI for creative tasks, ensure the output feels authentic and aligns with brand values.

  • Monitor Consumer Sentiment: Continuously track consumer attitudes towards AI in advertising to adapt strategies accordingly.

  • Ethical Considerations: Address potential ethical concerns around AI use, such as bias and misinformation.

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