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Insight of the Day: Young people want more from retail. Can the ‘hyper-experiential’ paradigm step up?


  • Gen Z & Alpha's preference for in-store shopping: Despite being digital natives, Gen Z and Gen Alpha value in-store experiences and physical interaction.

  • Shift towards hyper-experiential retail: The future of retail lies in creating immersive and engaging shopping experiences that go beyond transactions.

  • The rise of experience hunters: Consumers are increasingly seeking unique and memorable experiences, with 58% stating that immersive experiences influence their purchasing decisions.

  • Blurring lines between retail and other experiences: Retail is no longer confined to traditional stores, but is integrated into various aspects of daily life.

  • E-commerce plateauing: While convenient, e-commerce lacks the excitement and discovery element that consumers crave.

Key Takeaway:

The next big evolution in retail will be a renaissance of hyper-experiential retail, driven by technology, consumer desire for in-person experiences, the blurring of retail boundaries, and a shift away from solely transactional e-commerce.


The hyper-experiential paradigm is emerging as the dominant trend in retail, with brands needing to focus on creating immersive and engaging experiences to attract and retain customers.


  • The importance of human connection: Genuine human connection and personal interactions will be crucial for driving retail growth, innovation, and brand loyalty.

  • The need for innovation: Legacy retail brands must innovate quickly to keep up with pioneers in experiential shopping and compete with emerging brands.

  • The role of brand purpose: While brand purpose is essential, it's equally important to consider how the brand comes to life through physical experiences.

  • The value of consumer insights: Deep understanding of consumer insights and experience barriers is key to creating hyper-experiential retail moments.

Implications for Brands:

  • Embrace hyper-experiential retail: Brands need to develop a plan to thrive in this new era of retail by creating immersive and engaging experiences.

  • Prioritize human connection: Focus on fostering genuine human connections and personal interactions throughout the customer journey.

  • Dimensionalize the brand: Consider how the brand should look, feel, sound, smell, and taste to create a comprehensive experience vision.

  • Utilize technology: Leverage technology to enable innovative and effective experiential retail strategies.

  • Understand consumer insights: Conduct thorough research to understand consumer preferences, motivations, and pain points in order to create tailored experiences.

  • Be creative and innovative: Differentiate your brand by offering unique, exciting, and memorable shopping experiences.


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