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Innovation of the Day: Informative Election Games


The BBC and Roblox have partnered to create an interactive election-themed experience on the Roblox platform. This initiative features Larry the Downing Street Cat, a well-known figure in the UK, and allows players to interact with virtual avatars of BBC personalities. Participants are tasked with finding ballot boxes around 10 Downing Street, which unlocks the ability to adopt Larry as a virtual pet. Additionally, the experience provides informative snippets about UK elections.

Key Takeaway:

This collaboration demonstrates a novel approach to civic education and political engagement by leveraging the popularity and interactive nature of gaming platforms. It also showcases the potential for integrating real-world events and figures into virtual environments.

Trend Themes:

  • Gamified Civic Education: The initiative utilizes gamification elements like quests and rewards to educate users about the electoral process, making it more engaging and accessible, especially for younger audiences.

  • Celebrity Avatar Integration: The inclusion of familiar faces like BBC personalities adds a layer of familiarity and excitement to the experience, attracting a wider audience.

  • Virtual Pet Adoption: The reward system of adopting Larry as a virtual pet incentivizes participation and encourages users to continue engaging with the experience.

Industry Implications:

  • Edutainment: This project highlights the growing trend of edutainment, where educational content is seamlessly integrated into entertainment experiences, making learning more enjoyable and effective.

  • Gaming: The incorporation of real-world concepts like elections into game mechanics demonstrates the versatility and potential of gaming platforms for diverse applications beyond pure entertainment.

  • Media and Broadcasting: This collaboration exemplifies how media organizations can leverage interactive games to reach and engage younger audiences, potentially increasing their interest in current events and political processes.

Overall, this partnership between the BBC and Roblox is a significant step towards creating innovative and engaging ways to inform and involve younger generations in political processes through digital platforms. It demonstrates the power of combining education, entertainment, and technology to promote civic participation and understanding.


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