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Insight of the Day: Around 1 in 2 Thai consumers likely to switch beauty brands

Thai Beauty Consumers: A Shifting Landscape


  • Lack of Brand Loyalty: Nearly half of Thai consumers are willing to switch beauty brands.

  • Generational Preferences:

  • Gen Z values positive messaging and empowerment in makeup brands.

  • Millennials are influenced by trendy products on social media.

  • Gen X is less interested in makeup and prioritizes skincare benefits in color cosmetics.

Key Takeaway:

Thai beauty consumers are open to new brands and trends, creating opportunities for companies to engage them through targeted strategies and build loyalty.


The beauty industry in Thailand is experiencing a shift away from brand loyalty, with consumers seeking out new and innovative products that align with their values and preferences.

Consumers Addressed:

  • Gen Z: Young consumers who prioritize empowerment and positive messaging from beauty brands.

  • Millennials:  Influenced by social media trends and actively engage with online beauty communities.

  • Gen X: Older consumers who are increasingly interested in color cosmetics with skincare benefits.


  • Brands need to adapt to the changing landscape of consumer preferences to remain competitive in the Thai beauty market.

  • Building online communities and celebrating influencer autonomy can help brands connect with younger generations.

  • Integrating skincare benefits into color cosmetics is key to attracting Gen X consumers.

Implications for Brands:

  • Develop targeted marketing strategies: Tailor messaging and product offerings to different generations.

  • Foster online communities: Engage with consumers through social media, influencer marketing, and online forums.

  • Innovate product formulations: Combine color cosmetics with skincare benefits to appeal to a wider audience.

Implications for Society:

  • The shifting beauty landscape reflects evolving consumer values and preferences in Thailand.

  • The emphasis on empowerment and positive messaging could contribute to a more inclusive and diverse beauty culture.

  • The demand for skincare-infused color cosmetics could lead to the development of healthier and more effective beauty products.


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