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Insight of the Day: Back to bargains: Stretched consumers spark the return of "value wars"

Key Takeaway:

Consumers are becoming more price-sensitive as pandemic-era savings dwindle and inflation remains high. This shift is forcing companies to reevaluate their pricing strategies and potentially spark a return of "value wars" among competitors.


  • Evidence of Increased Price Sensitivity: Anecdotal reports from corporate earnings calls and the Federal Reserve's Beige Book suggest that consumers are becoming more cautious about spending due to depleted savings and rising prices.

  • Impact on Industries: Various industries, including retail and hospitality, are observing a cooling off in demand and increased price sensitivity among consumers.

  • Company Responses: Some companies, like The Container Store, are offering discounts to attract customers. Others, like Sotherly Hotels, are experiencing a slowdown in demand due to pricing concerns.

  • Value Wars in Fast Food: Fast-food giants are engaging in a pre-pandemic style "value war" with discounted meals and combos to appeal to price-sensitive consumers.


  • The trend of unlimited price increases by companies seems to be ending as consumers are less willing to spend freely.

  • A return to pre-pandemic price sensitivity is likely, with consumers seeking out bargains and deals.

  • Companies will need to adjust their pricing strategies to remain competitive and maintain sales.


  • The era of high spending in the face of rising prices may be coming to an end.

  • Companies will need to find innovative ways to offer value and attract price-conscious consumers.

  • The increased focus on affordability could lead to more competitive pricing across various industries.

Implications for Brands:

  • Brands need to be mindful of consumer price sensitivity and adjust their pricing strategies accordingly.

  • Offering discounts, promotions, or value-oriented products can help attract and retain customers.

  • Focusing on quality and value proposition can differentiate a brand in a price-competitive market.

  • Companies should closely monitor consumer spending patterns and adjust their strategies as needed to remain competitive in this evolving landscape.


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