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Insight of the Day: Churro-Flavored Blended Beverages


  • Jack in the Box has introduced a new Iced Churro Creamaccino to its menu.

  • The drink combines iced coffee with cinnamon sugar flavors and whipped cream.

  • It is available for a limited time at participating locations nationwide.

Key Takeaway:

Jack in the Box is leveraging the popularity of dessert-inspired beverages and limited-time offerings to attract customers and differentiate itself in the fast-food market.


The trend of incorporating dessert flavors into beverages is gaining momentum, as consumers seek unique and indulgent drink experiences. This trend also includes the use of limited-time offerings to create excitement and drive sales.


  • Jack in the Box's new Iced Churro Creamaccino is a timely addition to its menu, as it aligns with consumer preferences for unique and indulgent beverages.

  • The limited-time availability of the drink is likely to create a sense of urgency and drive sales.

  • The use of cinnamon sugar flavor taps into nostalgia and expands the appeal of traditional coffee drinks.

Implications for Brands:

  • Fast Food Chains: The success of Jack in the Box's Iced Churro Creamaccino could inspire other fast-food chains to experiment with dessert-inspired beverages and limited-time offerings to keep their menus fresh and exciting.

  • Coffee Shops: Coffee shops can also benefit from this trend by introducing unique flavored beverages that go beyond the classic options.

  • Flavoring Manufacturers: The rising demand for dessert-inspired flavors presents an opportunity for flavoring manufacturers to develop innovative flavor profiles that can be integrated into various beverage formats.


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