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Insight of the Day: Consumers Fed Up With Food Costs Are Ditching Big Brands

Main Idea:

  • Consumers are increasingly frustrated with rising food prices and are abandoning well-known, expensive brands in favor of more affordable options.


  • Starbucks is seeing a decline in its active loyalty-program members.

  • Sales of name-brand snacks, like Chips Ahoy, are slowing down.

  • Fast-food giants, such as Wendy's and McDonald's, are experiencing decreased customer demand.

Why this is happening:

  • Inflation and the significant increase in food costs are the primary drivers of this trend. Consumers are searching for ways to save money on groceries and dining out.

  • Alternatives, like private-label (store-brand) items and more budget-conscious fast-food options, are becoming more appealing.

What companies are doing to adapt:

  • Companies are strategizing to win back customers by offering new deals, promotions, and even introducing new product flavors to entice consumers.

In Summary:  The current economic climate has caused a noticeable shift in consumer behavior within the food industry.  Big brands are facing challenges and need to find innovative ways to retain customers while staying price-competitive.

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