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Insight of the Day: Extra costs are the No. 1 reason consumers abandon online carts

High Extra Costs Drive Online Cart Abandonment in the US

Key Stat:

Almost half (48%) of US adults abandoned their online shopping carts due to high extra costs like shipping, taxes, and fees, according to a February 2024 Baymard survey.

Key Takeaway:

Unexpected or excessive extra costs at checkout are a major deterrent for online shoppers in the US, leading to a significant loss of potential sales for retailers.


Consumers prioritize free and fast shipping over just fast shipping when shopping online, setting a high expectation for retailers to offer competitive shipping options.


  • Retailers need to be transparent about all costs upfront to avoid surprising customers at checkout.

  • Free or discounted shipping options can significantly improve conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment.

  • Optimizing packaging to reduce dimensional weight can help lower shipping costs for both retailers and consumers.

Implications for Brands:

  • Transparency: Clearly communicate all costs, including shipping, taxes, and fees, before customers reach the checkout page.

  • Competitive Shipping: Offer free or discounted shipping options to meet consumer expectations and incentivize purchases.

  • Packaging Optimization: Reduce the dimensional weight of packaging for popular products to lower shipping costs.

  • Bundled Offerings: Promote bundled products or minimum purchase thresholds for free shipping to increase average order value.

  • Subscription Services: Consider offering subscription services with free shipping to encourage repeat purchases and customer loyalty.

By addressing the issue of high extra costs and prioritizing free or affordable shipping options, retailers can significantly reduce cart abandonment rates and improve the overall online shopping experience for consumers.


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