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Insight of the Day: Five emerging trends for travelling teenagers


  • Teenagers are no longer passive tourists. They actively seek out travel experiences that offer personal growth, cultural immersion, and unique adventures.

  • The traditional "relaxation and sightseeing" model of travel is being replaced by a desire for more engaging and meaningful experiences.

  • Teenagers are influenced by social media, educational aspirations, and a growing awareness of global issues when choosing their travel destinations and activities.

Key Takeaway:

The teen travel market is rapidly evolving, and brands that fail to adapt to these changing preferences risk missing out on a significant and influential demographic.


The rise of "transformative travel" experiences for teenagers. This includes:

  • Cultural Exploration: Immersion in local traditions, languages, and customs.

  • Sporting Events:  Attending live games and tournaments as a way to experience a destination's culture.

  • Historical Sightseeing:  Connecting with the past to understand the present.

  • Glamping Breaks: Combining adventure with comfort and unique accommodations.

  • Rail Travel:  A sustainable and social mode of transport that resonates with eco-conscious teens.


  • Teenagers are a powerful force in the travel industry, with their preferences shaping new trends.

  • Travel brands must cater to the unique needs and desires of this demographic to remain relevant.

  • Experiences that offer personal growth, cultural exchange, and adventure are key to attracting and retaining teenage travelers.

Implications for Brands:

  • Tailored Experiences:  Develop travel packages and itineraries specifically designed for teenagers, focusing on their interests and preferences.

  • Authenticity: Offer genuine cultural experiences that go beyond surface-level tourism.

  • Sustainability:  Emphasize eco-friendly travel options and highlight responsible tourism practices.

  • Social Media Engagement:  Utilize social media platforms to connect with teen travelers and showcase the unique experiences they offer.

  • Collaboration: Partner with educational institutions, sports organizations, and historical sites to create enriching and memorable travel experiences for teenagers.

By understanding and adapting to the evolving needs of teenage travelers, brands can tap into a growing market segment and create lasting impressions on the next generation of explorers.


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