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Insight of the Day: Is the quiet luxury trend truly over? One fashion house seems to think so

The article discusses a potential shift in the fashion industry, moving away from quiet luxury:

  • Valentino's leadership predicts bold designs are back: Valentino's chairman believes the minimalist and muted tones of "quiet luxury" are declining in popularity.

  • Valentino's new creative director known for flamboyant style:  The recent appointment of Alessandro Michele, known for his maximalist designs at Gucci, suggests Valentino may embrace a bolder aesthetic.

  • Quiet luxury may be fading, replaced by color and statement pieces:  Rachid Mohamed Rachid, Valentino's chairman, expects a return to vibrant colors and statement pieces in fashion.

  • Quiet luxury trend may have peaked during the pandemic: The article suggests the muted tones and subtle elegance of quiet luxury may have been a response to the pandemic's uncertainty.

  • Economic concerns linger in the luxury goods market: Despite a potential shift in styles, the overall luxury market is predicted to face continued challenges.

Overall, the article suggests a potential turning point in fashion, with Valentino signaling a move away from quiet luxury and a return to bolder aesthetics. However, the future of the trend and the broader luxury market remain to be seen.

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