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Insight of the Day: McDonald’s plans on beefing up its burgers in a big way

Key Points:

  • A New Burger:  McDonald's is developing a "larger, satiating burger" and plans to test it in select markets before a potential global rollout. No specific details about the burger are available yet.

  • Recent Initiatives: The new burger aligns with McDonald's ongoing initiative to improve its existing burgers with better buns, enhanced flavors, and more Big Mac sauce. This program has been rolled out in most of its locations globally.

  • Consumer Challenges: Fast-food chains like McDonald's are facing pressure as rising prices cause consumers to be more selective about their spending. A recent, viral example involved a costly Five Guys receipt.

Why this matters:

  • McDonald's is responding to consumer preferences for larger portions and value for money, especially amidst rising costs.

  • The company is innovating to try and stay relevant and maintain its customer base in a challenging economic climate.

Additional Notes

  • It remains to be seen how consumers will react to a bigger McDonald's burger and whether it will successfully combat the price-related hesitation felt by many.

  • McDonald's focus on improving its existing burgers suggests they are addressing both quality and value for the consumer.


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