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Insight of the Day: McDonald’s prices are up, so lower-income consumers are eating at home

This article discusses how McDonald's is trying to navigate the challenge of rising inflation and its impact on low-income consumers. As prices for goods and services continue to rise, fast food chains like McDonald's are facing pressure to increase prices, which can be difficult for those on tight budgets.

McDonald's has implemented various strategies to continue serving its customers while also managing its costs. This includes offering value meals, introducing new menu items at affordable prices, and optimizing its supply chain to reduce expenses.

The article highlights the importance of catering to low-income consumers and the challenges companies face in doing so during times of inflation. McDonald's is seeking to strike a balance between maintaining profitability and ensuring accessibility for all customers, especially those who may be most affected by rising prices.

Overall, McDonald's is adapting its business model to meet the changing economic landscape and ensure that it remains a viable option for consumers of all income levels.

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