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Insight of the Day: Off-price retailers are becoming a hit with Gen Z

Key Findings:

  • Off-price retailers are gaining popularity with Gen Z: Discount chains like TJ Maxx, Ross, and Nordstrom Rack are reporting increased sales and a younger customer base.

  • Gen Z's spending power: Despite having less wealth than older generations, Gen Z still holds significant spending power and influences retail trends.

  • Store expansion: Off-price retailers are opening more physical stores to cater to Gen Z's preference for in-store shopping.

  • Home goods focus: Retailers are expanding their home goods offerings to appeal to young adults setting up their first apartments.

  • Competition: Off-price retailers are facing fierce competition but are succeeding by offering unique products and a "treasure hunt" shopping experience.

  • Department store struggles: Traditional department stores, which cater to older demographics, are struggling to maintain sales amidst this shift.

Key Takeaway:

The rise of Gen Z's influence in the retail landscape is reshaping the industry. Off-price retailers are capitalizing on this by offering trendy, affordable products and expanding their physical store presence. This shift is posing challenges for traditional department stores that haven't adapted to younger consumer preferences.


  • Off-price boom: The popularity of off-price retailers is expected to continue as Gen Z's spending power grows.

  • Experiential retail: The "treasure hunt" experience offered by off-price retailers is appealing to younger consumers.

  • Home goods demand: The demand for affordable and stylish home goods will increase as more Gen Z consumers move into their own homes.

  • Digital and physical integration: While Gen Z prefers in-store shopping, retailers need to offer seamless online and offline experiences to cater to all preferences.


  • Off-price retailers are successfully tapping into Gen Z's desire for affordability, unique finds, and in-store experiences.

  • Department stores need to re-evaluate their strategies to attract younger customers and stay relevant in the changing retail landscape.

  • The future of retail lies in providing a combination of value, unique products, and engaging shopping experiences, both online and offline.

Implications for Brands:

  • Invest in off-price channels: Brands should consider partnering with off-price retailers to reach a wider audience and offload excess inventory.

  • Create unique product assortments: Curating a constantly changing selection of products can attract younger consumers who enjoy the thrill of discovering new finds.

  • Offer value and affordability: Price-conscious Gen Z consumers are looking for deals and discounts.

  • Enhance in-store experiences: Create engaging and interactive in-store experiences to appeal to Gen Z's preference for physical retail.

  • Develop a strong omnichannel strategy: Cater to both online and offline shoppers by offering seamless integration between channels.


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