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Insight of the Day: Shared music experiences enhance pleasure and boost kindness, according to new psychology research

Key Takeaways:

  • Shared Music Boosts Pleasure:  Listening to music with others, even virtually, significantly increases the enjoyment of the experience.

  • Prosocial Behavior: The heightened pleasure from shared music leads to greater kindness and generosity.

  • Memory Enhancement:  Shared music experiences also improve memory performance, possibly due to activation of the brain's reward system.


The study highlights a growing understanding of how shared experiences, particularly involving music, can positively impact our emotions, behavior, and cognitive functions.


  • The social aspect of music listening is a powerful modulator of pleasure and its associated benefits.

  • Even simulated social presence can enhance the enjoyment of music.

  • This research contributes to the ongoing discussion about the role of music in human evolution and society.

Implications for Brands:

  • Music Streaming/Sharing Platforms:  Incorporate features that encourage social listening and interaction to enhance user experience and foster community.

  • Live Events and Concerts: Emphasize the communal aspect of music events to create more impactful and memorable experiences for attendees.

  • Advertising and Marketing:  Utilize music in campaigns that highlight shared experiences and social connection to appeal to consumers' emotions.

  • Music Therapy: Explore the potential of shared music listening as a therapeutic tool for enhancing well-being and promoting prosocial behavior.

By understanding the power of shared music experiences, brands can leverage this knowledge to create more engaging and meaningful interactions with their audiences.


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