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Insight of the Day: Shoppers Have Lost Faith In Influencers. Are Experts The Answer?


  • Consumer skepticism towards influencer marketing is on the rise due to perceived inauthenticity.

  • The Desire Company offers a platform for experts to provide credible product endorsements in video format.

  • Expert-driven content has shown to significantly increase conversion rates and average order value.

  • Retail Media Networks are seeking more effective advertising solutions, and The Desire Company is positioning itself as a valuable partner.

  • The Desire Company is expanding its platform to integrate expert content throughout the digital ecosystem, including shoppable videos and QR codes.

Key Takeaway:

The shift away from influencer marketing towards expert-driven content reflects a growing demand for authenticity and trust in product recommendations. Brands and retailers are seeking new ways to establish credibility and drive conversions, and The Desire Company is leading the way in this space.


The trend towards expert-driven content highlights a growing emphasis on credibility, transparency, and trust in marketing and advertising. Consumers are increasingly seeking information from sources they perceive as knowledgeable and reliable, and brands are responding by partnering with experts to create more authentic and impactful content.


The Desire Company's success in securing funding and partnering with major retailers demonstrates the growing demand for expert-driven content. This approach is proving to be more effective in building trust, driving conversions, and ultimately, increasing sales for both brands and retailers.

Implications for Brands:

  • Partner with experts: Collaborate with credible industry experts to create authentic and informative content that resonates with consumers.

  • Invest in video content: Leverage the power of video to deliver engaging and persuasive product recommendations.

  • Integrate with retail media networks: Explore partnerships with RMNs to amplify the reach and impact of expert-driven content.

  • Prioritize authenticity and trust: Build trust with consumers by providing transparent and reliable information about products.

  • Measure and track results: Track the impact of expert-driven content on conversion rates, average order value, and overall sales.

By embracing expert-driven content and prioritizing authenticity, brands can connect with consumers on a deeper level and achieve greater success in the ever-evolving retail landscape.


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