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Insight of the Day: “There is still a future for these brands” - Pernod Ricard's House of Tequila on the spirit's global potential

Michael Merolli, the CEO of Pernod Ricard’s House of Tequila, shares insights on the Tequila market worldwide. Let’s dive into his thoughts:

  1. Global Growth:

  • The Tequila category is still expanding globally.

  • While growth in the US has slowed down from previous years, other regions are witnessing acceleration.

  • 100% agave Tequila is particularly gaining traction.

  1. Key Markets:

  • Australia, Canada, the UK, and Italy are crucial markets for Tequila.

  • The transversal global brand Altos is growing faster than the overall category.

  • These markets seem to follow a similar trend to what the US experienced.

  1. Exciting Prospects:

  • Despite challenges, there is a promising future for Tequila.

  • Premiumization remains relevant both inside and outside the US.

As Tequila continues to evolve, its global potential remains a topic of interest for spirits enthusiasts and industry players alike.

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