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Insight of the Day: YPulse Music Report

YPulse Music Report 2024: Gen Z & Millennials' Musical Landscape

Key Findings:

  • Diverse Musical Tastes: Gen Z and Millennials are exploring a wide range of genres, constantly seeking the next big hit.

  • Multi-Platform Discovery: Young consumers discover new music through various channels, including social media (TikTok), streaming services (AI playlists), and even video games.

  • Brand Engagement Opportunities: Brands can connect with young audiences through music-related marketing initiatives, such as incorporating trending sounds, hosting themed pop-ups, or leveraging fandoms.


  • TikTok's Influence: The platform plays a significant role in music discovery and trends.

  • Fandom Culture: Music fandoms are evolving, impacting the industry and creating engagement opportunities for brands.

  • Live Music Experiences: Despite the rise of digital consumption, young people are still willing to spend on concert tickets.

Consumer Groups:

  • Gen Z: Highly influenced by social media trends and actively participate in online music communities.

  • Millennials: More likely to attend live music events and engage with established artists.


  • Music remains a powerful tool for brands to connect with young consumers.

  • Understanding the diverse music preferences, discovery channels, and engagement patterns of Gen Z and Millennials is crucial for effective marketing strategies.

  • Brands should explore creative ways to leverage music trends, fandoms, and live experiences to resonate with these audiences.

Implications for Brands:

  • Embrace Music Marketing: Integrate music into marketing campaigns, incorporating trending sounds, partnering with artists, and leveraging social media platforms like TikTok.

  • Engage with Fandoms: Create authentic connections with music fandoms by understanding their values, passions, and preferred modes of interaction.

  • Invest in Live Experiences: Consider sponsoring music events or hosting themed pop-ups to create memorable experiences for young consumers.

Implications for Society:

  • Music's Cultural Impact: The influence of music on youth culture continues to grow, shaping trends, behaviors, and identities.

  • Economic Opportunities: The music industry presents significant economic opportunities for artists, brands, and platforms that cater to the preferences of Gen Z and Millennials.

  • Social Connection: Music fosters social connections and communities, both online and offline, bringing people together around shared passions.

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