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Insight of the Day: Over 50% of MEA consumers in loyalty programmes want freebies

Over 50% of MEA Consumers in Loyalty Programs Want Freebies - Euromonitor International

Key Points:

  • Consumer Preferences: More than 50% of consumers in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) value discounts, offers, and free products in loyalty programs.

  • Lifestyle Loyalty: Brands are shifting towards rewarding lifestyle actions rather than just purchases, focusing on wellness and well-being behaviors.

  • Experiential Rewards: Consumers in the MEA region highly value real-world experiences, with 88% of Nigerians considering them important. Brands are incorporating experiential rewards to boost engagement.

  • Grocery Retail Leads: Loyalty programs are most popular in grocery stores due to their investment in omnichannel shopping experiences and consumer desire for cost savings.

  • MEA Market Growth: The MEA region is projected to have a 4% CAGR in consumer spending from 2023-2040, outpacing global projections.

  • Gamification Trend: Brands are using gamification elements like scoreboards, challenges, and badges to drive engagement and loyalty in the region, where online gaming participation is higher than in other regions.

Additional Insights:

  • Personalized Benefits: Consumers seek personalized benefits and services from loyalty programs.

  • Data Collection: The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated online shopping and data collection, providing valuable insights for brands in the MEA region.

  • Middle Class and Youthful Demographics: The growth of the middle class and younger population are significant factors in shaping consumption patterns in the MEA region.

Overall, the report highlights the importance of understanding consumer preferences and tailoring loyalty programs to meet their needs in the MEA region. Brands that focus on offering personalized benefits, experiential rewards, and gamification elements are likely to see greater success in engaging and retaining customers.

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